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KUSH band

Kush Art Collective and Kush Band are named after the famous kingdom of Kush, a highly civilized and mighty kingdom in the Nile Valley (Northern Sudan and Southern Egypt) from 1000 BC until 350 AD. In the name of Kush, we honor the heritage of this kingdom: the beautiful architecture and arts, the highly developed science and medicine, the equal status of women with several powerful queens. The name Kush is a reminder of the peace, equality and prosperity of this past society – a dream of what might be possible again for the future! 

The music of Kush Band brings authentic Sudanese rhythms and songs from the desert to the Netherlands. Music with complex percussion, lyrical melody lines and a strong African groove. Band leader is Mo Ahmed, singer and djembé player from Sudan. The full Kush Band of 7-8 musicians is for dancing: the band usually brings people on their feet within minutes. In the smaller semi-acoustic set (Kush Acoustic) the audience fully experiences the joy of the complex rhythms and lyrical songs. Listen to our album “Sudan Gali” on Spotify or enjoy our live concerts at YouTube.

You can book Kush Band through the Stichting Kush Art Collective. Kush Art Collective also organizes its own concerts (African Grooves), the yearly Africa Festival Utrecht, workshops and other events with African music and arts. We are also happy to help you organize your own event, by introducing you to our vast network of Africa-based artists. Please contact us at info@kushband.nl.